Established in 1982 by the owner Linda Lytle, the Pardeeville Gym Club is a facility that offers a wide range of gymnastics classes for all ages and skill levels.

Children as young as 3 years old are welcome to participate in toddler classes.  We also offer 4-5 year old programs as well as beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Our team program allows our gymnasts to compete on local, state and national levels.

We focus on safety and assure great environment for our students. Sessions at her gym often include as many as 40 young gymnasts working out, listening, participating and learning from knowledgeable teachers. Our strong mission, vision, and values govern who we are, what we do, and how we do it.



As a young girl growing up in England Linda Lytle took advantage of an opportunity to compete in sports.

“My father was in the British Army,” Lytle said. “He was a distance runner and also a gymnast. My mother was a cyclist so I grew up with sports.

“It was a lot easier for girls in England to compete in sports. We had a lot of opportunities in women’s sports. Our school had great programs. In the 60’s there weren’t a lot of ops for girls here in the United States but now it is much better.

 “I got involved in gymnastics as well as track and field. As a result from 1963-65 I traveled all over Europe competing for the British national team. Later we took part in world competition. I was hooked on gymnastics early and still am hooked for life.”

Linda Lytle came to this country in 1966 where she met and married George Lytle. She started coaching at her own club, first in Portage, then in Wyocena, and eventually (1982) went into business in her own building in Pardeeville.

“I just stay focused, and I always think about gymnastics. I am just doing what I always do… working really hard and pushing myself to the maximum and keeping myself motivated.”

–  Aly Raisman

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